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A star was born eight years ago

Welcome to the Nova!

Discover our intergalactic journey as digital creators

In the beginning, it was empty

Every story starts from a dream

We’ve always thought about ourselves as brave people who want to change the world for the better. We began as a two fellows adventure and went from there.

We embraced the impossible

The power of discovery lies within our team

No challenge is too big to face

Big missions require big leaps

We have on board an entire crew of multidisciplinary people who share a similar set of values that guide them through. 

How can we bring what we do next to the Solar System?

Big questions are our fuel to keep digging in the universe

More than WordPress themes

A legacy that will last forever and ever

We design digital products that pop-up and help creatives run their sites to the stars

The future is exciting

We are here to stay

We’ve come too far to quit the mission now. We’re eager to be an active force of the universe and make it shine as it deserves.