Capturing The Pacific Coast: Seattle Cycling

If you’ve been on a path in a urban center, you’ve most likely seen my cycle tire marks there. The last few weeks of cycling have been fun, and I end visits with a fire and hot low to heat up in my rain-soaked boot.

“I didn’t know what I was doing, so I made it up on the go. I had a childlike curiosity about it, which has helped separate my work from others.”

The gritty details of my ride with my dog, and ends my visits with a fire and hot low to heat up in my rain-soaked boots. On a day afternoon town of Seattle closed off a neighborhood of urban center to vehicle traffic and opened it up to folks. John and that i wandered around and that i took a bunch of images. it had been lots of fun and folks (and some critters) were obtaining around in numerous inventive ways in which. In urban center there are literally a lot of bike/pedestrian bridges than automobile bridges crossing the river!

My laptop computer lights up his tent as I flips through the photos I captured. Then it’s simply the sweet sound of Zippers slippy and early rest before succeeding ride. We’re very enjoying this trip. urban center was a gorgeous place to explore.

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